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The Importance of Kerning


The Fall of the Onomatopoeian Empire

onomatopoeian empire

Proofreading: Important in Politics

Republican Dan Patrick of Texas needs to read his Tweets before sending them.

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Edgar Allen Typoe


Good English Opens Doors



Bad Proofreading, Or Photoshopped?

You decide.

penis mightier than sword

The Importance of Proofreading, Continued

penis mightier than sword

Not Enough Fingers

your dead

The Importance of Proofreading, Again

All of these Vatican-issued commemorative coins with the name “Jesus” misspelled as “Lesus” were recalled and destroyed. Except for four that made it out into circulation. Just like the 1918 Inverted Jennys, those four coins will be priceless collector’s items.